The Universal - Premium Holster Case™

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Designed with you in mind, The Universal is the case we've all been waiting for.

As adults we don't want to walk around with a kids' case, or even a tacky glittery or soft case...

We need a case that's PRACTICAL, a case that gives you easy access, convenience and protection while still looking stylish and elegant.

Introducing: The Universal - Premium Holster Case™

Meticulously engineered to be a case that's stylish but also practical and protective.

Either attach it to your belt or have it hanging using a clip.

With the magnetic closure, access to your phone is instant!

Pack a couple credit cards in there and you're ready to go.

Another amazing feature is the case is designed to hold your phone even if it already has a bumper/cover on it!

No more not knowing where to put your phone, or have it bother you in your pockets while getting all scratched up with your keys, change, etc.

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Charge while still in the cover:

Extra storage for a variety of things:

Exquisite craftsmanship:

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